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Coptic Society

Contribution to the Work of the Society

The Society is 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. The Society was organized in December 1979 in Los Angeles by a small group of Copts to preserve, revive, and promote the heritage of Christian Egypt and that of the Copts which has been in a sad state of affairs. Our aim is to gather the necessary tools , generate interest especially among the Copts in the Diaspora, and study all cultural aspects related to the Copts of Egypt. Our primary activities included establishment of specialized libraries of books, manuscripts, microforms, and digital media; conducting classes and conferences related to the field, and the support of academic work and students engaged in this field. The hub of the activities is physically located in the St. Shenouda Center for Coptic Studies in Los Angeles. By searching through the internet you will be able to read about the different activities and accomplishments of the organization. The operation and activities of this organization is entirely supported by voluntary contribution from individuals who has seen the dedication and the value of our work. I would like to invite you to participate by donating to this worthy cost.


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