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Coptic Society

The founding Members are members of the Society that signed the first Society bylaws submitted to the IRS in 1983. 

  • Mr. Nabil Guirguis
  • Mr. Nagi Fawzy Khalil
  • Mr. Nabil Morcos
  • Dr. Farouk Riad
  • Dr. Merit Shoucri
  • Mr. Hany Takla
  • Mr. Nabih F. G. Youssef

The Society officers serve three-year term and are elected by the members of the Society. There is no term limits set by the approved bylaws of the Society at this time.  The term of the following officers will end by September 30, 2019. A prior mail-in election in September 2019, will reelect the current or elect new officers. Officers are members of good standing with at least three years of prior membership as Fello Members of the Society as set in the bylaws.

  • Mr. Hany N. Takla, President
  • Mrs. Amany A. Hanna, Secretary
  • Mr. Emad S. Hanna, Treasurer

The Society has a seven-member governing board. It consist of the three elected officers plus four al-large members. At-large members are selected by unanimous of the three elected offices to serve a 3-year term. The current members of the Board as follows: 

  • Mr. Joseph Fahim, at-large member
  • Mrs. Amany A. Hanna, Secretary
  • Mr. Emad S. Hanna, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Monee T. Hanna, at-large member
  • Dr. Maged S. A. Mikhail at-large member
  • Mr. Hany N. Takla, President
  • Mr. Ramses Wassif, Vice-President

Research Assistants:

Dr. A. Josiah Chappell. Los Angeles CA
Mr. John Habib. Toronto, Canada
Dr. Botros K. Sadek. Cairo, Egypt
Ms. Victoria Steele. Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Maggie Tawadros. Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Hany N. Takla

IT Support:

Mr. Sam Hanna

Regional Center Directors:

Mr. Joseph Fahim
Mr. Mark Sedrak

Regional Center Staff:

Joseph Abdelmalek
Matthew Androus
Stephen Bastawros
Neil Beshay
Shenouty Hanna

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