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Coptic Society

Coptica Contents

  • Volume 1, 2002
    M. Sheridan. "The Spiritual and Intellectual World of Early Egyptian Monasticism "
    T. Vivian. "A Figure in the Carpet: The Spirituality of Saint Macarius the Great "
    T. Vivian. "The Virtues of Saint Macarius, The Manuscript, and Amelineau's Text."
    D. Johnson."Pope Timothy II Aelurus: His Life and His Importance for the Development of Christianity in Egypt"
    M. Moussa. "Abba Shenoute and the Meletians: Polemics and Conflict with Formation, Ideology, and Practice of a Separatist Monastic Community. "
    H. N. Takla. "Sahidicism in the Current Edition of the Coptic Pascha Book"
    M. N. Swanson. "Our Brother, the Monk Eustathius: A Ninth-Century Syrian Orthodox theologian Known to Medieval Arabophone Copts"
    A. Sidarus. "The Copto-Arabic Renaissance in the Middle Ages: Characteristics and Socio-Political Context."
    N. M. Takla. "Healing and Salvation in Early Egyptian Christianity "
    Y. N. Youssef. "The Encomium of St. Philotheus Ascribed to Severus of Antioch "
  • Volume 2, 2003
    K-H Brune. "The Multiethnic Character of the Wadi al-Natrun."
    J. den Heijer. "Wadi al-Natrun and the History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria ."
    M. Krause. "The Importance of Wadi al-Natrun for Coptology."
    S.G. Richter. "Wadi al-Natrun and Coptic Literature."
    R. Said. "Wadi Natrun in Geologic History."
    T. Vivian. "Figures in the Carpet: Macarius the Great, Isaiah of Scetis, Daniel of Scetis, And Monastic Spirituality in the Wadi al-Natrun (Scetis) From the Fourth to the Sixth Century."
    Y.N. Youssef. "Consecration of the Myron at Saint Macarius Monastery (MS 106 Lit.)."
    U. Zanetti. "Liturgy at Wadi al-Natrun."
  • Volume 3, 2004
    H. N. Takla. "Introduction"
    E. Bolman. "Scetis at the Red Sea: Depictions of Monastic Genealogy in the Monastery of St. Antony"
    P. Grossmann. "On the Architecture at Wadi al-Natrun."
    S. Hodak. "The Ornamental Repertoire in the Wall-paintings of Wadi al-Natrun-Remarks on a Methodical Approach."
    L-A Hunt. "Art in the Wadi Naturn: An Assessment of the Earliest Wall paintings in the Church of Abu Makar, Dayr Abu Makar."
    M. Immerzeel. "A Play of Light and Shadow: the Stuccoes of Deir al-Surian and their Historical Context."
    E. Parandowska. "Results of the Recent Restoration Campaigns (1995-2000) at Dayr el- Sourian."
    Z. Skalova. "Indigo and Madder Finger Prints and Brush Strokes: Notes on Six Byzantine Great Deesis Icons of Wadi Natrun Monasteries and their Egyptian Origin."
    J. Van Der Vliet. "History through Inscriptions: Coptic Epigraphy in the Wadi al-Natrun."
  • Volume 4, 2005
    D. Brooks-Hedstrom. "An Archaeological Mission for the White Monastery"
    M. N. Swanson. "St. Shenoute in Seventeenth-Century Dress: Arabic Christian Preaching in Paris, B.N. ar. 4761"
    H. N. Takla. "The Library of the Monastery of St. Shenouda the Archimandrite"
    J. Timbie. "The State of Research on the Career of Shenoute in 2004"
    T. Vivian. "'Those whom God made Famous throughout the World' Holy Men from Middle and Lower Egypt In the Writings of Saint Shenoute the Great"
    D. W. Young. "The Literary Corpus of Shenoute"
    Y. N. Youssef. "Between Saint Shenoute and Saint Macarius"
  • Volume 5, 2006
    H. N. Takla. "Saint Shenouda Society Progress Report 2004-2005"
    M. M. Bontty and H. N. Takla. "An Unpublished Bohairic Fragment"
    J. Dieleman. "A Coptic Magical Text From the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) - Ostracon LACMA MA 80.202.214"
    R. Marquedant. "The Role of the Archangel Michael in BL Or 7597"
    J. M. Robinson. "Coptic since Crum"
    J. M. Robinson. "The Gospel of Judas and the Sethians"
    Mark N. Swanson, Telling (and Disputing) the Old, Old Story: A Soteriological Exchange in Late Twelfth-Century Egypt
    Ramses Wassif, The Epact: Exposition of a Manuscript
    Youhanna N. Youssef, An Icon of Saint Menas Written by Hanna al-Armani
  • Volume 6, 2007 - H. N. Takla, Introduction to the Coptic Old Testament
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Appendix 1
    Appendix 2
    Appendix 3
  • Volume 7, 2008 - S. J. Davis, The Arabic Life of St. John the Little by Zacharias of Sakha
    Table of Contents
    Arabic Text
    English Translation
  • Volume 8, 2009
    Table of Contents
    M. Giorda . "Monastic Property in Late Antique Egypt "
    J.E. Goehring. "Abraham of Farshut's Dying Words: Reflections on a Literary Motif in the Ascetic Literature of Early Christian Egypt "
    B. McNary-Zak . "The Soul is Like a Ship "
    T. Vivian . "From Anonymous Foreigners to Royal Wonderworking Saints: History and Myth in the Coptic Life of Maximus and Domitius"
    Y. N. Youssef. "Bishop Mark of Zifta and His Urguza "
    Y. N. Youssef. "The Miracle of Ibn Zara?a in the Coptic Tradition Texts and Icons"
  • Volume 9, 2010
    Table of Contents
    D. Atanassova . "Paper Codices with Liturgical Typica from the White Monastery "
    S. J. Davis . "Archaology at the White vMonastery, 2005-2010 "
    D. Johnson . "'As I Sat on a Mountain' Shenoute's Theology of the Church"
    M. Swanson . "'He Often Rejected Sinners and Cast Them into Hell?' On the Image of St. Shenoute in Copto-Arabic Literature: The Relavance of a Sermon in MS Paris B.N. ar.244"
    H. N. Takla. "The Surviving Remains of the Book of Jeremiah from Saint Shenouda'a Monastery"
    J. Timbie. "St. Shenoute 2004-2009: Trends in Research"
  • Volume 10, 2011
    Table of Contents
    G. Ghaly . "Coptic Bilingualism and Hymn-Writing: A Study of the Glorification Hymn Agios Istin "
    C. Schroeder . "Monastic Family Values: The Healing of Children in Late Antique Egypt "
    T. Vivian . "Spiritual Surgery and the Nursing Mother: Ahimsa, Compassion, and Community in the Desert Fathers and Mothers"
    A. E. Austin . "Preliminary Remarks on the Coptic Burials at Karanis"
    S. Gupta-Agarwal . "The Final Curtain Call: The Abandonment of Karanis in Light of Late Roman Amphorae"
    H. N. Takla. "Society's Annual Report, 2011"
  • Volume 11, 2012
    Table of Contents
    M. Swanson, " The Other Hero of The Martyrdom of Jirjis (Muza?im) Saywala the Confessor"
    T. Thomas, " Mimetic Devotion and Dress in Some Monastic Portraits from the Monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit"
    R.M. Yohe II et al, "The Evolution of Byzantine Burial Practices Between the Third and Seventh Centuries CE in Middle Egypt"
    H. N. Takla, " St. Shenouda the Archimandrite and His Non-Monastic Interactions"
  • Volume 12, 2013
    Table of Contents
    L. I. Larsen, " Re-Drawing the Interpretive Map: Monastic Education as Civic Formation in the Apophthegmata Patrum "
    A. Y. Sidarus, " From Coptic to Arabic in the Christian Literature of Egypt (7th-11th centuries)"
    G. Ghaly, " Strategic Intertextuality in a Coptic Description of the Octoechos"
    R. Mikhail, "On Evening Worship in Egypt: A Theological Evaluation of Contemporary Practicein Light of Patristic and Medieval Sources "
    T., Vivian, "Kicking at the Darkness: A Meditation on the Life of Apa Matthew the Poor"
  • Volume 13, 2014
    Table of Contents
    J. Timbie, "Jesus and Shenoute: From 'Christless Piety' to 'Those who Have Christ'"
    S. Moawad, "The Role of the Church in Establishing Coptic Identity"
    Y. N. Youssef, "The Liturgical Comb from Dayr Abu Hinnis"
    B. McNary-Zak, "A Call to Asceticism: Receiving the Life of Antony"
    Fr. Bigoul al-Suriani, "An Arabic Homily on Lent Ascribed to Constantine of Asyut"
    M. J. Madsen-Hernandez, "A Survey of the History of Coptic Painitings and Icons with an Emphasis on the Early Modern Period and the Development of Neo-Coptic Art."
  • Volume 14, 2015
    Table of Contents
    S. J. Davis , " Shenoute in Scetis: New Archaeological Evidence for the Cult of a Monastic Saint in Early Medieval Wadi al-Natrun"
    C. T. Schroeder , "Shenoute in Code: Digitizing Coptic Cultural Heritage for Collaborative Online Research and Study"
    M. Swanson, "The perils of Having Friends in High Places: The Fatimid wazir Bahram and the White Monastery"
    J. Timbie, "The State of Research on Shenoute of Atripe: 2009-2014: What can we Learn from the Edition and Translation of Canon 8?"
    Y. N. Youssef, "The Salam (Salutation) of Anba Shenoute"
    B. Layton, The Canons of Our Father: Monastic Rules of Shenoute, by Tim Vivian
    A. G. Lopez, Shenoute of Atripe and the Uses of Poverty: Rural Patronage, Religious Conflict, and Monasticism in Late Antique Egypt, by Tim Vivian
  • Volume 15, 2016
    Front Matter
    M. Lois Farag, "A Little Known Episode in Coptic-Roman Relations: An Unpublished Letter by Anba Yusab, Bishop of Jirja and Akhmim (18th c.)"
    A. W. Hanna, " Commemorations in the Coptic Arabic Synaxarium, Part I"
    R. Mikhail, " Towards a History of Liturgical Vestments in the Coptic Rite: I - Minor Orders, Deacons, and Presbyters"
    C. Schneider, " From Elijah to Elisha: Athanasius’s Fighting Spirit Doubled in Shenoute"
    M. N. Swanson, "Alexander the Great among Medieval Copts: Some comments on the uses of Alexander-materials in Copto-Arabic literature"
  • Volume 16, 2017
    Front Matter
    A. W. Hanna, " Commemorations in the Coptic Arabic Synaxarium, Part II"
    R. Mikhail, "Towards a History of Coptic Liturgical Vestments II: Bishops and Patriarchs"
    M. N. Swanson, "The Story of Fakhr al-Dawlah ibn al-Mu'taman: Priest's Son, Muslim Grandee, Monk of St. Antony
    M. N. Swanson, "Portraying the Religious Other in the Age of Pope Matthew I (The 87th Patriarch, 1378-1408)
    C. Chaillout ed., The Dialogue between the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches, by M. S. A. Mikhail
  • Volume 17, 2018
    Front Matter
    S. S. Ahmed, "Two Coptic Texts on Limestone Flakes"
    A. Y. Sidarus, "The Arabic Model in Coptic Grammar: An approach to the Copto-Arabic muqaddimat of the Middle Ages"
    M. N. Swanson, "Once Again on the 13th-Century. Flowering of Copto-Arabic Literature: Introducing an Edition of Butrus al-Sadmanti's Instructive Lives"
    T. Vivian, "Bohairic Coptic Sayings Attributed to St. Antony the Great: A New Transcription and First English Translation"
    Y. N. Youssef, "The Vision of Benjamin Revisited"
    Bp. Makari, Karas al-Baramusi, and Michael Hilmi Raghib, ers, Al-Difnar: Al-antifunaryun al-sa'idi an makhtut murgan M575 [Difnar: The Upper Egyptian Antiphonarion Based on Manuscript Morgan M575], by R. Mikhail
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